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Are you ready to build your own custom wardrobe with The Needle And The Belle?

Four years ago I took my wardrobe into my own hands and I haven’t looked back since. And now I’m working to share more about my journey in plus-size sewing with you. Join The Needle And The Belle newsletter list and keep up with what’s hot in sewing.

Hi there! I’m a plus-sized sewist dedicated to creating a super dope wardrobe for my family and I one piece at a time.

Pattern Tests

Pattern testing has really gotten me sewing way more than I would have. Check out some of my recent pieces that I’ve tested here!

Pattern Hacks

Sure, following directions is cool but you know what’s even better? Hacking a pattern to be something unique and that fits your style!

Fabric Love

I didn’t know this until after I really got into sewing but buying fabric is a separate hobby! Here I share some of my faves and lessons.

Sewing With Intention

I remember when I started back sewing a little over 4 years ago. I was so excited to find all this fabric and patterns in places that I had no idea they existed. And then I started testing. I felt like I was a cool kid in one of the coolest clubs ever. But now? Now...

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Hello there!

My name is Aaronica and I'm the sewist behind The Needle and the Belle. I started sewing when I was 13 and then fell back in love with sewing through PDF patterns. I now document my pieces I make here!

Holiday Gift Guide For Sewists You Love

Holiday Gift Guide For Sewists You Love

Don’t forget about your crafty loved ones this season. Celebrate them and their love of creation with these items from the holiday gift guide for sewists!

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