Hi there!

I’m Aaronica and I’m the woman behind “The Needle & The Bell{e}”. I also am the mom behind TheCrunchyMommy.com but I wanted a site that was solely dedicated to my passion of sewing so I started this site!

My mom gifted me my first sewing machine at 13 along with 1 set of sewing lessons that I took with my neighbor. We made these super lame drawstring bags and I was over sewing before I’d really given it a chance. When I was in my first marriage, I think my mom saw that it was getting ready to end so she gifted me with yet another sewing machine so that I could have a hobby that was just mine. As a plus size woman struggling with finding clothes that I loved, I was ready to rock this sewing thing out–until I saw the directions for what was supposed to be a simple dress.

Simple, not.

I struggled the dress but was determined to teach myself how to sew. This was before YouTube University was really big so I bought some books to teach me the sewing jargon I needed and set out to learn. But then I filed for divorce, ended up pregnant and obviously distracted. While pregnant with my 2nd daughter, I broke out my sewing machine and I was determined to upcycle clothes to create a maternity wardrobe. I mean, if I couldn’t figure out how to make them from scratch the least I could do was take someone else’s starting point, right?

This was fun and I did a bunch of different projects which I loved. I even made a blanket for my daughter. The sewing bug had hit me! But you know what I learned? Those tissue paper patterns were just NOT for me. All the instructions were so long, there were 1000000 pieces to cut out and put together and overall, they made me feel lost. That’s when I discovered the online community of seamstresses and fabric shops.

And now? Now, I’m addicted to my machines!

What do I sew with? I have the Brother CE1100PRW Sewing Machine and the Brother 1034D Serger.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you!

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