Summer is here! Ok, well technically it’s still spring but according to these temps in Atlanta, spring took the season off. It’s hot and my kids are feeling it. They have been begging me to make them something so I whipped up these two pieces from Sansahash!

2018 Sansahash Summer Blog Tour

I love blog tours–especially when I hack the patterns into being something that are both easy and really versatile. Having two super girly girls, Sansahash has the perfect patterns for me to work with. They’re all really feminine and offer such versatility with fabric.


When I saw this pattern at it’s release, I fell in love. At the time I was as confident in my sewing skills as I am now and thought I would never be able to make it. Wrong! The Kamaria comes as a top, romper or dress. It’s really just the cutest ever. This is the pattern I used for my middle child aka the romper hater.

Since being able to walk, she’s shared her disgust with rompers non-stop. But I LOVE the look of the little romper! So I made the top and created standalone shorts with the pattern pieces. Instead of adding the elastic around the legs to create a bubble effect, I left them open giving them a culotte look. It. Is. Love!!!


This Mila pattern is one of the easiest looking dresses ever. I saw a little girl wearing something similar a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t wait to make one for my oldest. Mini love twirling and spinning and this dress was made for it.

Instead of making it with the lining per the instructions, I banded the arms and neck. It’s super hot in Atlanta so I didn’t want my girl to be a sweaty mess with the lining. Plus, that burrito roll technique is not a fave of mine!

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