Sewing Apps To Get You Organized

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Today I accidentally went down the rabbit hole of sewing apps that have the sole purpose of organizing your stashes–both fabric and patterns. Friends. I never would have thought to have my sewing stuff organized on my phone but after looking at the apps, it makes so much sense. I have fabric stored in my sewing space, random bins and then my garage and honestly, I don’t know everything I have! But an app that would keep my fabric swatches together without me having to cut anything?

Yes. Please.

Sewing Apps That Keep Your Stashes Organized

Sewing Patterns Lite

This app allows you to keep track of all your patterns. You can keep the pictures of the patterns, rate them based on difficulty, categorize them based on outerwear, bottoms, etc. Not just that, but you can also store how much yardage you need for each pattern too.

All About Fabrics

This app is really cool because it can automatically calculate the right amount of material you need for any piece, shares information about different fabric types AND finds the nearest fabric store!

Sew Buddy

This app can keep track of all your fabrics, threads, notions, and patterns. You can take pictures with your camera and upload or use saved images.

Fabric Dictionary

This app doesn’t organize your fabric BUT it does offer some loose definitions of the fabrics which is sew good.

Tap Forms

Ok, so this isn’t a sewing specific app but it offers PEAK organization for your patterns. Have you ever accidentally purchased the same pattern more than once? This app can track all your patterns for you!


This super cute app can help you track your patterns, notions, projects, and fabric.


When I saw this apps tagline was “Sew Your Stash”, I knew it was legit. This app will help you to organize and track your fabric stash.

Sew Organized

This is probably my favorite one on the list. It’s actively maintained and new releases are still coming out. In this app you can do so much including keeping your patterns, projects and fabrics organized WITH due dates when necessary!

Are you using sewing apps? Drop your faves for me!

Sewing can be really exciting and that can lead to a little disorganization. But there are apps that can help! Here are some that I found.

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