Sunday Lately .::. 002.2019

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Yes, I realize that I have put up zero posts in between this week and the last Sunday Lately. I’m using Katy from Wild and Wanderful’s prompts weekly as the reminder that this site exists for a reason. Sewing and creating is my passion. While this site does generate some income, that’s not the sole purpose of it, unless some awesome brand wants to sponsor some things and then I’m all like, heeeeeeeey!!!

Sunday Lately .::. Embarking

This week I’m back into pattern testing full force which means I’ve been embarking on some new patterns! This is always exciting for me because I love the pattern companies I’m testing for this year. My word for the year is INTENTION. The way that this manifests in my sewing life–more specifically in my testing life–is that I’m no longer testing patterns because I’ve been chosen. Rather, I’m more intentional about ME doing the choosing for what’s going to be worn in my closet.

**Spoiler¬†Alert: One of the new patterns is so great that I wore one that I made last weekend AND yesterday–same pattern, different fabric.

Sunday Lately .::. Enjoying

This is going to sound crazy but I’ve really been enjoying hugs from all of my kids. Before you hop into your throne of judgment, hear me out. When you have a baby, you are literally touched all.the.damn.time. While I love him and our snuggles, by the time I put him down for naps, I was touched out! Now that he’s getting older and more independent, this makes space for my two older ones to get some mommy loving which I’m not able to really enjoy for myself. Yes, I would hug them but it’s just not something I was enjoying. But now? Bring on the snuggles girls!

Sunday Lately .::. Experimenting

I’m a maker, a creator, a lover of taking nothing and turning it into something beautiful. And now I’m experimenting with this as an income generator doing something I never thought of until a friend asked me to make her one. So cryptic since I haven’t named it, right? The obvious (and something I AM working on) is sewing classes/lessons but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about customized bullet journals! Yep! I am making her a year long custom bullet journal and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been bullet journaling since 2015 and it’s made a huge impact in my productivity, planning and organization. So I’m trying it out with her to see if it’s something that will be joining my business model!

How was your week?

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