The GA Pinners Conference is right around the corner and guess who’s presenting?!!? That’s right!!! I am!!! I’m super excited to have been selected to have a session. In fact, I’m super nervous to be surrounded by a bunch of talented crafters but I’m kicking my impostor syndrome to the side so that I can deliver some quality info. So what am I speaking on?

GA Pinners Conference: How To DIY Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

Yessss!!!! So I’m at the point where I have made just about everything in my closet from dresses to jeans to panties and the bra that I’m wearing right now. When I started out sewing, I just wanted to make things. I didn’t really care if it fit in with my style or I thought I was going to wear it. Learning how to sew things that I could legit wear was my top priority.

And then my closet got super full of clothes and I still had nothing to wear. My husband thought I was crazy when I would go into the closet and still have nothing to wear. Or I had nothing that could be worn together.

In 2019, I decided I needed to approach my fabric purchases with more intention so that way I would be creating less textile waste as I tossed things from my closet. Instead of tossing, I wanted to be able to mix and match my clothes better. So I created a capsule wardrobe that I consistently add and subtract QUALITY pieces that people outside of myself legit want to wear.

Instead of keeping all this information to myself, I decided I wanted to share it with the masses–or just those that attend the Pinners Conference in GA!

What To Expect:

We’ll be going over sewing patterns, fabric types, color schemes and how to mix pieces to create different looks.

Who Should Come:

Preferably, everyone. But this is geared towards sewists, seamstresses and those that are interested in creating a wardrobe that works for them.

What Do You Get:

Should you decide to purchase the kit you’ll receive 2 yards of fabric and some goodies to get you started!

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