I’m So Excited That I’m A BERNINA Brand Ambassador!

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Featured | 1 comment

I got the news about being selected to be a BERNINA Brand Ambassador when I was doing an Instagram Live. I saw the email pop up and I couldn’t catch myself or stop the natural excited reaction that I had. See, I really struggle with being seen as a person of influence within the sewing community. I mean, I’m just a self-taught sewist that loves creating. While my sewing community has consistently affirmed that I’m more than “just” that, being seen and acknowledged by my dream brand BERNINA is just the icing on the cake!

See My Reaction To Becoming A BERNINA Brand Ambassador!

So What Does It Mean To Be A BERNINA Brand Ambassador?

Everything. Just kidding!

When you’re a brand ambassador for any brand, you’re essentially an extension of them. All of the BA’s get to choose a machine that we get to know and share on our timelines on IG or YouTube–I’m working to build this up so be sure to subscribe! We’re also responsible for getting to know the brand in an intimate way so that we can speak intelligently about the different machines that they offer. Submitting posts to the We All Sew blog is also part of it and I’m looking forward to this!

Mama I made it! I'm a BERNINA Brand Ambassador & I couldn't be happier. Check here to see what machine I got--it's not what you expect!

What Machine Did I Get?

So happy you asked!!! I got the BERNINA B590 and I am so in love. I know, why did I get an embroidery machine when I primarily sew knits and apparel? Well, I want to make embroidery cool. For some, it already is. But when I think of embroidery, I think of my old school, grandma-ish embroidery that feels outdated–no shade to those who love this aesthetic. I want to do fresh embroidery that looks really good. Over the past couple of years, I’ve fallen in love with embroidered fabrics I get from So Sew English so now I want to create some things for myself and my family that makes them say, “WOW! This is so cool!”

Well friends, be sure to follow along my BERNINA journey and ask all the questions so I can be sure to create content that answers them!

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