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Moment of truth: I used to hate dresses growing up. Like despise them. I was teased terribly because of my legs and even as an adult I find those insecurities creeping out. But the Dashing Dress by Ellie and Mac seriously makes me forget about how self-conscious I am!

The Dashing Dress

This is probably one of my favorite shorter dress patterns. I love an interesting neckline and this delivers that perfectly. It’s not quite a Peter Pan collar but it has that feel to it.When I was asked to test it I got super excited because one of my style inspirations, Ashley Nell Tipton (I love you girl!) wore something similar to this during her season of Project Runway. It’s such a feminine look and it really makes me feel beautiful!

The Pattern

This pattern was incredibly easy to understand and put together. The Dashing Dress paper pattern construction took about 10 minutes. Trimming the edges took the longest since there really aren’t many pages at all.

Piecing It Together

From cut to finish the Dashing Dress took all of maybe an hour. I was rushing to get photos of this before the sun went down and I made it lol! Fabric choice makes a difference in the time it takes to make the dress. Slinkier fabrics definitely take longer.


This pattern gets rated a 5 out of 5 needles for the ease of construction and that it looks great on all body types!

Grab yours here!

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