The Marjorie Dress Nursing Hack

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The loose fitting dresses are all the rave right now and this mama is loving them too! They hide my post baby mom pooch, cellulite, and more. They are cool to wear and super comfy. One of my fave patterns for this is the Marjorie Dress by hazel + gather.

The Marjorie Dress

This dress comes in two lengths and multiple neckline options. I’m a lover of the crew neck option. It’s high enough to be perfectly accented with a perfect set of pearls. I love this look and this pattern but as a nursing mom I need something that will allow me to feed the baby without sacrificing comfort and style.

The Nursing Hack

I wanted a Hack that wouldn’t be obvious or change the integrity of the dress. Oh, and I needed it to be easy enough that I could make it in between nursings. I found that adding a simple princess seam with an invisible zipper from the armpit was the easiest way to make this nursing friendly.


2-3 yards knit fabric (depending on size)

The Marjorie Dress Pattern

2 Invisible Zippers

Invisible Zipper foot (optional)

  1. Print out pattern and assemble per instructions.
  2. Draw seam beginning at under arm and extend down 10inches.
  3. Cut fabric per normal including the seam added for zipper.
  4. Install the invisible zippers.
  5. Assemble the pattern per the instructions.
  6. Nurse your baby freely!

I love how comfortable this dress is and can’t wait to make many more!!!

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