I Made A Tulip Dress And I’m In Love!

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Ellie And Mac Tulip Dress
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I swear… Every time I’m on Pinterest I see some variation of the tulip dress. Some are maxi’s, some are high-low hems, and some are your basic ones. Either way, I’ve always wanted one! So when Ellie & Mac tested theirs, I jumped on that bandwagon as fast as I could!

Ellie And Mac Tulip Dress

Ellie And Mac Tulip Dress & Tunic Pattern

Ok so let’s talk pattern options. You can do two lengths–dress and tunic. I’m sure that more lengths can be hacked but that’s another post for another day *wink wink*. It comes with short, 3/4 and long sleeves. There are no pockets here but I’m sure you can add them if you wanted.

Ellie And Mac Tulip Dress


Pattern Construction

The directions were pretty easy to follow–definitely way easier than I anticipated. I was thinking this was going to be a super hard dress to make but it wasn’t! It didn’t require too much paper while printing which is always a plus. The only part that could be seen as a little challenging was creating the tulip with the ruching. The ruching wasn’t too hard but making sure it was even and lined up properly was a little bit of a challenge.

Ellie And Mac Tulip Dress

Fabric Options & Styling

You definitely want to make sure you’re using a 4-way stretch. Because mama has a couple things to hide, I chose a cotton lycra. I think CL is way forgiving when smoothing out your lovely lady lumps on more fitted pieces. I actually made this fabric and was hoarding it for months until I could decide on the perfect pattern for it. This was it! I also love the versatility in styling it. I paired mine with Chucks but this could easily be dressed up with heels.

Ellie And Mac Tulip Dress


This is a must have pattern. It’s soooo on trend that taking 2 hours to whip one up yourself is truly priceless! This pattern definitely gets 5 out of 5 needles!

Grab your pattern from EllieAndMac.com now!

Ellie And Mac Tulip Dress

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