Introducing “Aaronica’s Box of Faves”

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I’m pretty excited to be sharing this here first. I’m launching a monthly box of goodies that are both hand-crafted and hand-selected by yours truly.

This is NOT  subscription box as it will not be put on auto-ship but this is a box that can be purchased monthly. I’ve been wanting to have a box for some time now and I’ve finally settled on what I wanted it to be. Whenever I share pictures of pieces that I’ve made, people tend to want the exact thing that I’ve made but I’ve run out of that fabric! Some people have even just remarked that they love my fabric choice and would want me to just style them.

This box will be a happy medium of both of these things here. And I really hope that it’s loved by all!

Ok Aaronica, I’m excited… Give me the deets now!

These are still being ironed out as we speak BUT here is what we’ve got so far:

  • Cost: $49.95
  • Shipping: $5.00
  • Box contents will include the following:
    • 1 custom piece made by me
    • Between 3-5 of my favorite artisan items. These will range from body butters to washes to wax melts and more
    • Things that I think you’ll love
  • Pre-selling starts right away
  • There will be 10 boxes for the first month
  • Depending on how thee boxes sell, there will be a waitlist
  • All boxes will be shipped out by mid month
  • Hashtags to track and share what’s in the boxes will be provided in the box but will include #AaronicasBoxOfFaves

This is what I have for now. Once I figure out how to get WooCommerce up and running on this site, I’ll be posting the boxes for purchase! #LettucePray they sell out so I’m motivated to do this again!

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