It’s Story Time! Why I Sew.

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Hey friends! In case you missed it, my name is Aaronica and I’m a plus sized sewist living in Atlanta. It’s taken me about 3 years to finally accept that I am indeed a seamstress and sewist (the new age term) but now I almost fully embrace it. 

A Little Bit Of History…

I started sewing when I was 13. My mom used to sew, my grandmother used to sew and I guess my mom wanted me to do something with my busy hands that would keep me out of trouble. So she found a sewing class for me where she stuck myself and a neighbor in to learn how to sew. I thought it was really cool but we made this drawstring bag and I wasn’t completely sold. 

Then I ventured off on my own and made my brother a shirt. It went something like this…

Yeah. So I stopped sewing until I was around 24. And even then the patterns were too hard for me to follow. I made a New Year’s Eve dress and then was finished–again. 

But I Sew Now!

After having my second child, I couldn’t lose the weight. That’s when I started sewing for myself. The things I would buy would either fit my top or my bottom–not both. And NOTHING was nursing friendly! So I fell in love with Facebook Fabric Groups and PDF Patterns and the rest is history. 

I made everything in this photo–people and all ha!

Why I love sewing…

I feel so empowered in truth. Having the ability to take a heap of fabric and turn it into whatever I want is so fun. Some of the things I’m proudest of are socks. I know, socks? But I took some of my husbands old socks and made our son socks from them. I was amazed, my husband was not lol!

But it’s really nice to be able to make myself the things I’ve seen on Pinterest or in stores that weren’t made in my size. It also feels so good to look amazing in my clothes again!

So… This is my story! Tell me yours in the comments!

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