It’s New Pattern November 2023!

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I love an alliteration so last year I started the #NewPatternNovember challenge, unchallenged after realizing I kept buying patterns I wasn’t making. As a first step in creating consistently for YouTube, I started sharing that I was challenging myself to sew new patterns only for November. And thus, new pattern November was born.

New Patterns Can Be Scary

I have a love-hate relationship with sewing new patterns. On the one hand, I love the idea of having a new silhouette to try out. I recently made the Estella Pattern from Papercut Pattern and I sewed it live for the first time making it. I learned some really cool techniques that I wouldn’t have thought of as I sewed through it. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. And I get why this can be seen as a little ridiculous… I mean, seam rippers exist for a reason, right? But learning a new pattern designer’s sizing block, how it relates to my body and potentially wasting both time and fabric IS scary.

Plus, if I’m being COMPLETELY honest, I may have some PTSD with sewing different pattern brand sizes. Yes, I know my measurements and I have all of the ones I need courtesy of using my ZOZOFit Suit. This is one of those really fitted suits that do a body scan and give you your exact measurements. But I’ve had some pretty big fails when trying new-to-me patterns and I don’t love wasting fabrics with muslins.

My Tentative New Pattern Line-up

I love to make a plan–namely so I can break it, LOL!!! But I do have some rather ambitious goals (that are already changing). But just for fun, let’s list this out week by week and then we’ll see how well I executed said plan, mmmmmkay? My goal is to get at least 2 new patterns in per week. I’m shooting for that because I have patterns that I’m testing which may be new-ish but will need to be made more than once, hacked, etc.








KnowMe Pattern ME2009

KnowMe Pattern ME2046

Bestie Bag by BF Patterns

Belmont Jacket by Muna And Broad

Isola Jumpsuit by Daughter Judy

Cameron Wrap Dress by Sycamore Road

ME2001 Pants by KnowMe Patterns

S9701 by Simplicity Patterns

Papao Pants by Ready to Sew

Valley Jumpsuit by Ready to Sew

Sewing live?

Yes, YouTube


Yes – TikTok

Yes – YouTube

Yes – TikTok

Yes – YouTube

Yes – TikTok


Yes – TikTok

Yes – YouTube

I already know that I likely won’t be making ME2046 because I don’t have the digital copy and it’s sold out in stores. I’ll be working on some pattern tests instead and since they’re all new patterns, it counts!

Welcome back to New Pattern November where we focus on sewing patterns we own and have yet to sew all month.

Join me This year!

I’m working to turn this into an official challenge where you can win prizes at the end. As this begins to unfold, I’ll share more. But for now, if you’re ready to jump in and use the patterns you’ve bought and haven’t sewn, use #NewPatternNovember so you can be entered and I can see your makes!

Happy sewing friends!

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