New Sewing Pattern November

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Whew… I cannot believe that it is already November!!! The end of the year is here and while this year has been pretty incredible, sis is ready for a break from it all. But before we do that, I think we should celebrate this month by declaring it new sewing pattern November. I know that I can’t be the only one out here buying all these new and dope patterns but not using them! I get it–I have my go-to faves as well but I’ve also bought some really incredible patterns lately–including those from my fellow KnowMe Pattern Designers!

And yes, this post is going live a week into November because my husband and I were caught up in some mysterious sickness last week so I did absolutely nothing.

Let’s Kick Off New Sewing Pattern November!!!

It’s never too late to get your ish together and so that’s just what I’m going to do. There are a couple of new things that I need for myself–pants, tops, everything. In case you’re wondering why, check out my YouTube video where I cleaned out pretty much everything out of my closet. Like I was shamelessly tossing things that didn’t fit, bring me joy or that I simply wasn’t wearing.

I also have some things that I need to make for my husband too. My man needs some new sweaters since at some point I think that it’s going to be getting chilly. Now, using new patterns for him is going to be a challenge because I have a couple of tried and true patterns that are our go-to for sweaters and things. My fave is the Basic Tee from Patterns for Pirates. It’s very simple, fits him well, and requires no adjustments. But my friend Julian from Julian Creates has given me some good suggestions and his patterns from KnowMe are also on the table for the new sewing pattern November project.

Sewing Some Holiday Decorations Too!

Ok now I typically do NOT sew holiday decor or gifts or any of that. Last year I did my Advent Calendar which we’ll be using again this year. But since we’re doing new sewing pattern November, there are some other things that I want to try out. We love using bowls and having soup and hate burning our hands so I think that bowl cozies are in order. I’m thinking about possibly making some teacher gifts–this is a big maybe. My oldest has a teacher that’s really taken her under her wing so I’d like to show her some appreciation for sure. All in all I think this will be pretty fun and stretch me out of my comfort zone.

New Sewing Pattern November is here! It's time to break out all of those patterns you've bought and never made to add to your wardrobe!

New Sewing Patterns I Want To Try

You would think that I’ve been sewing a bunch by how many new patterns I’ve accumulated over the past couple of months but I haven’t been! That hasn’t stopped me from showing my support to fellow designers though. Here are some of the patterns that I’ve bought and plan on making this month:

  • The Closet Core Mitchell Trousers
  • Lore Piar’s Lauren Trousers
  • Deer & Doe Genet Pants
  • Petite Stitchery Joplin Trousers
  • Beaute Ja’Dore’s KnowMe Pattern
  • Brittany J. Jones’ KnowMe Pattern
  • Sycamore Road’s Paula Knot Top
  • Deer & Doe Fougere Oversized Shirt
  • Petite Stitchery Pacific Coast Pullover
  • Lore Piar’s Tazzy T-shirt & Blouse

There are quite a few more that I want to try. I need some new blazers and I really want to make some mini skirts too now that I’ve gotten some fun tights to wear with them. I just need to shop my patterns a little more to see what’s available that I haven’t made. Check out this YouTube video here with my plans for week 1 of New Sewing Pattern November and let me know if you’ll be participating too!

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