Pattern Testing: M4M Mama Nina

Pattern Testing: M4M Mama Nina
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I recently had the opportunity to test the Mama Nina for Made for Mermaids and it’s official–I’m in love.

I typically like the raglan style of tops and had been wanting to make something like this because they make for pretty awesome nursing hacks. With baby arriving any day now, I’m over making maternity modifications for my wardrobe–now my focus is on making things that will transfer over once baby makes his arrival. As a breastfeeding mama who still likes to look good, I knew that this dress/top/tunic would be perfect.

Piecing the Mama Nina Together

This was pretty easy to put together. Both Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates have pattern structures that are really easy to follow. It took maybe 10 minutes to put this pattern together and then cut it out. That’s pretty easy by my patience level!

There are a total of 4 pieces to cut: front, back, pocket, and sleeves. When I tell you I love a pattern that doesn’t have all these intricate pieces to put together and try to figure things out I mean it. I didn’t add the pocket so for me it was really a 3 piece pattern.

Once laid out and cut, it took a total of MAYBE 20 minutes to finish up the dresses. I’ve made a total of 3 of the Mama Nina dresses and love all 3. I’ll probably end up making some more too.

Review of the Mama Nina

This pattern gets a 5 out 5 Needles from me. It was easy to construct, took little to no time and the shape is incredibly forgiving for all body types. Best part is that you can use fabric with a 2-way stretch to it as well!

Ready to snag yours? You can grab the Mama version here, the bundle (for a limited time) here, and the girls pattern here.

Happy sewing!

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  • LOVE IT! I wish that I would have sewn my wardrobe during any of my pregnancies. I would have been so much more comfortable. You look amazing, and I really love the black and white print, but the easy access of the floral print makes me love that one too!

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