Pattern Test: The Rory Top & Dress

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When I returned to sewing I didn’t think that there would be quite the community there is today. One of my sewing friends recently started designing patterns and this is her first one! Naturally I was super excited to test the Rory top & dress for her!

The Rory Dress & Top

As a mom of 3 struggling with body image issues, there’s nothing like a piece of clothing that makes you feel beautiful and that’s just what this does. This is a turtleneck bodice with a circle skirt bottom. The sleeve options are half, 3/4 and full and the bottom options are peplum, dress and full skirt.

Pattern Construction

Super easy. The pattern took all of 15 minutes to tape together and then another 30 to sew. I love and quick and easy pattern that’s offers so much versatility!!!


I chose to make the top as I’m still working on the nursing hack for the dress. I styled this with leggings and over the knee boots but I can also see the dress paired with booties. My fabric is a thinner scuba knit that I got from Knitpop in an auction box.


Naturally this gets a 5 out of 5 needles!!! It’s easy to sew and perfect for daily wear!

Grab your copy here:

Petite Stitchery The Rory Dress

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